Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Crazy Life we Lead

So, a few weeks ago, I won a game of rock paper scissors. And then we decided to move to Canada in exactly one week. We said goodbye to our friends and family, our apartment (which got leased in one day = huge blessing!), our lovely ward, our bountiful garden (Amber, is it dead yet?), and a bunch of other stuff. But the last straw? My houseplant. I nearly broke down when Zach suggested we throw it away (you can't take plants across the border...). I have a reputation for killing plants and that one (his name was Fritz) had nearly survived to see his first birthday. It was such a huge feat for me and he was so green and pretty that I left him outside the front door instead of in the dumpster. I can only hope the new tenants accepted him into their family.

Since we've been here? Zach saw a bear up the mountain. We saw 30 bald eagles in a bay in Courtney and then we went back another time to take pictures. There was only one there that night, but the beach was littered with fish carcasses and heads of the eagles' lunch. We're slowly settling in and eagerly awaiting the flooring to be installed in our soon to be basement suite so we can move into it at least a little.

Our girl is growing a ton and kicking a ton too. Zach was surprised to know how hard she kicks when he actually saw my belly move. I don't mind those ones at all, but she's also developed the awesome habit of kicking my bladder every 5 minutes which really isn't as cute.