Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Four-Monther!

Today, my baby is four months old!

She weighs in at 12lbs, 6oz and is 24in long.

The best things things that happened this month are:

1. Noelle started sleeping through the night (11:30 - 8:00... we're still working on the bedtime...)
2. She started to roll over!
3. She giggles!
4. She is finally getting rid of her colic, and now spends time awake NOT screaming, which is nice.
5. She just started to occasionally nap in her crib instead of in arms, which is also nice.

Noelle loves:

1. Mum and Dad's faces
2. Her glow worm or her Winnie the Pooh or anything that has a face and lights up and sings
3. Banana!
4. Watching TV
5. Singing songs with Mum
6. Being naked
7. Staring at all the fancy pieces on her new exersaucer
8. Reading books that have pictures of babies
9. When daddy hangs her upside down by the ankles (even though it almost always gives Mum a near heart attack).
10. Chewing on hands, toys, cloths, clothes, and anything else that finds its way into her hands.
11. Sitting up (with assistance)

Noelle hates:

1. Taking baths... or water...
2. Being alone
3. Taking naps in her crib or her playpen or the bassinet...
4. Nursing (yep... that's fun...)
5. When Mum and Dad try to play a board game that she's too little to play.

Some firsts in Noelle's fourth month:

1. Her first Christmas (which she spend teething and generally in a miserable mood)

2. Her first time "playing" in the snow.
3. Her first food!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Noelle has recently started using her hands fairly consistently... she's getting so good as shaking her rattles that she scares herself with the noise:

... And by smacking herself in the head...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Highlights of 2011

In January,
We found out that we were pregnant! And Zach filled our apartment with yet another ginormous pallet of books.
In February,
We celebrated Sarah's birthday and Valentine's day in the same week.
In March,
We saw our little bean for the first time and heard her little heart beat.
In April,
We found out that our little bean was a girl, contrary to popular belief. And Sarah got to start shopping!
In May,
We celebrated our 2 year anniversary and Sarah went on a 2 week trip through Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and BC with her sister and brother-in-law.
In June,
We decided to move to Canada on a whim. We also moved to Canada that week.
In July,
We filed Zach's immigration papers and he went to work cleaning out the suite and finishing it for us.
In August,
Sarah reached full term, the suite neared completion, and Summer finally arrived in the Comox Valley.
In September,
We moved down to our suite, and that night, Noelle decided it was time to come out. She was born on Sept 22.
In October,
We celebrated our first Thanksgiving in Canada, and dressed Noelle up as a little Burrito for Halloween.
In November,
Sarah got called as the Primary President in their ward and Zach started running again with a friend from Church. (and Noey cried a lot) Noelle got her first cold.
In December,
Zach blessed Noelle in Church. And Noelle met her first relatives when Auntie Leslie and Uncle Luke came for Christmas. Noey smiled for the first time, and she started teething too.