Sunday, November 18, 2012

Oh Sunday

Zach wants to be a farmer.

In Wisconsin.

With cows.

My primary presidency is full again! Granted neither of my counsellors were there today.... ;)

Maybe next week.

We're bottle weaning and I'm doing everything wrong, again.

I'm not so patiently awaiting the day I can put the Christmas tree up.

Zach's working full time.

In the rain.

Ellie taught herself to twirl. It's adorable.

I'm doing my first craft fair in two weeks. And I'm up to my armpits in sewing, feather boas, and glue.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ellie's Antics

Our little moose!

For Halloween this year, I made Ellie a moose costume (aka a brown fleece with glove antlers).

No, not just because we're in Canada.

She tolerated it, but I loved it! We took her to the Cumberland Halloween parade (a bunch of kids trick or treating to the businesses on the only street with businesses in Cumberland) and she thought that was great, despite the pouring rain. She almost walked the whole way.

Zach was going to go as a hunter too, which would have been funny, but like always, we couldn't quite organize ourselves to get our own costumes.

I really don't like Halloween - but it might be growing on my now that I have a cutie to dress up :)