Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Adventures" on the River

July 30 2009

Adventures are supposed to be fun, right? We certainly had an adventure a few days ago, and given the fact that my bruises haven't yet healed, I'm not sure I would consider it as having been fun. First of all, it's been record hot here. It's been 34C all week long (around 94F) and really really humid. Tuesday after work, we decided to go up the Puntledge River to Stottom Falls and then tube down to the condo. We had never been to the falls before, but it had been recommended to us, so off we went.
The Falls were super neat. We'll take some pictures next time. The water washes over slate rock and causes little pools of erosion all over the place, so you end up with big pot holes to swim in all over. We made our way past the falls to waist deep water and hopped on our tubes, but the blissful floating didn't last long at all. The water became shallow and we found ourselves getting stuck, being pushed along by the force of the river, being bumped and bruised by rock after rock. We had to get out every 5 minutes or so to walk in the really shallow parts, and the river rocks were either too slippery, too sharp, or too round to walk on comfortably. That went on for long enough. Meanwhile, we weren't even sure we were going the right way. Finally, we reached the Fish Hatchery, and saw water pumped in and out of an abandon concrete building. The currents swelled around us. We got out and hiked through the forest in bare feet, soaking wet, with tubes bouncing along beside us.
Having surpassed that, we thought we were good to go, but then we saw the DANGER signs... Apparently there was an underwater barrier just ahead of us, which we were so boldly cautioned to avoid. There were cliffs on both sides of us, and fast moving water pushing us towards a seemingly invisible obstacle. My feet hurt so badly by this point. It was tough to see a way around this one. And if we couldn't circumnagivate the barrier, what would we do? We were alone, in the middle of the forest, without phones, cars, or even shoes! Zach waded up ahead of me to see better our options. There was a way a bit ahead where we could pull ourselves out of the river, so we headed to it.
Through prickles, we found an old path that led back to the water's edge. Looking back, it was clear that the "underwater barrier" was actually a small dam. We were grateful to have heeded the signs and avoided the danger that we couldn't see. Again floating towards home, we endured ragging waters having their way with us. On a low tree branch, two vultures eyed us as we passed. But, we did pass.
Nearly four hours after we began, cold, sore, and raw, we stepped dripping into the condo. We ate steak and went to bed. My dear husband and I reflected on our "adventure" and he said that he had been scared out on the river when it didn't look like we'd make it around those things that hindered our path. I knew that we'd be okay, and he did too... but he was such a wonderful strength to me as we stuggled along the riverbed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sick week

Well it's Sunday, so with all the extra time I have I decided to do my first post on this here least I think it's my first...if it's not, don't hold it against me. Other than Monday and today, I've been sick most of this week with some sort of flu type thing, probably the swine flu if you ask me, but whatever, I'll get over it. Anyways, The first couple days of being sick I tried to just ignore it, but when it got to it's worst point I couldn't do it anymore, mostly cause my lovely wife Sarah wouldn't let me. I think the best part of being sick was the sympathy I got form Sarah :) I love her so much for taking care of me.

I've recently been reading Tad R. Callister's book, The Infinite Atonement, and as I was reading of Christ's suffering in the garden one thing that struck me this time was the angel that came to comfort him. In a non blasphemous way I compared that to my situation. While I was in pain, the best part about it was my wife's presence and the care that she gave me. I don't think anything could've been more consoling for me at that time. I love Sarah and think she is the sweetest sweetie ever. So when you read this Sarah, just know that you're amazing!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

-Weekend in Victoria-

Lauren, Jordan, Tracey, Brent, Connor and Zach watching the crab traps below.

Zach and his new friend. What a weirdo.

We decided to walk around the Sidney Harbour a bit and obviously you can't go to Sidney without snapping a picture with the scuba diver. At least that what Tracey, Jordan and I decided.

Sarah: "look Jordan, it's a whale head... and there's a whale fin over there!"
Jordan: "Where's his other hand?"

Zach and some Jelly-fish at the Sidney Aquarium

Hello, Mr I-need-a-haircut...

Zach and I spent the weekend down in Victoria with the McCullough family. It was great to see Tracey and Brent again, and of course, fun to spend a weekend with four energetic kids. Zach played with the little girls all weekend long and it was so cute to see him making up games with them and making them laugh. We went to the bank Saturday morning. Jordan was so worried we weren't going to come back. Zach told her we would be back in 4, so Jordan stuck out four fingers and waited on the driveway counting to four until Brent went out to get her. He only succeeded in bringing her in by bribing her with a trip in the truck. What a cutie! Tracey has the most amazing crafting room, so naturally, I'm feeling pretty crafty now!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The House

July 10 2009

I started work at the hardware store my parents work at two weeks ago, and since then, I've spent very little time at the house Zach's helping to build. He and Dad sided the whole front and have done lots of other things too. Here are some pictures of the things that have been keeping him busy for the past two months. I am working on my first sewing project since I was 11 and made a stuffed animal, so that's what seems to be keeping me busy lately. I'll put up pictures of the blanket I'm making if it doesn't look too bad!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

-Misssing UTAH-

Who ever thought I would miss Utah while in beautiful British Columbia?? I got some pictures of our last week in Utah from my sister and those mountains are glorious! Here's some pictures...

Zach and I at the Kennecotte Mine

Zach, Mum and I looking at the biggest tire EVER!

Sometimes, people are just made for each other...