Friday, August 6, 2010

So... I have a new blog, a cooking blog, hence why I have completely forgotten to write about our lives here! Oops.. Anyways, you should look at it Now, I will update you on our awesome lives.
Zach is done working for the census - aka, he is now home well before 1:00am and only has 2 jobs instead of 3! What a trooper. He is gearing up for school to start in a couple of weeks.
We sent in my Green card papers a month ago. Now we begin the long wait. So, to occupy the long hours that I find myself with, I cook and bake and sew and write and read. I made my first skirt a few weeks ago. Last week, I finished a dress too! I'm working on writing a YA novel. I'm about half way done and happy to witness the development of the story and characters in my head. I have re-read the Harry Potter books (third time's a charm right?), read the Hunger Games (and am anxious awaiting #3...) The Giver, Holes, The Book Thief (which made me cry for 50 pages...), The Memory Keeper's Daughter and other ones that don't come to mind right now. That's that!