Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Birthday Post!

Yesterday was my birthday, so after 6 hours of school (and work for Zach - yay!), we celebrated. He got me a new camera for my birthday - which I am VERY happy with. We went to dinner and then ice skating, and then came home to eat a whole cake ourselves! The whole day was great - except when I dropped a plate on my big toe. I'm convinced it's broken.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Season of Midterms!

I love February. I love it because my birthday's in February, because Valentine's Day is in February and because the snow (if only temporarily) begins to melt and the sun comes out! Today, I went to campus without gloves, a scarf, or even a coat, and it was glorious. However, along with all of the joy this month brings, it also tends to bring a lot of grinding-teeth, pulling-out-of-hair, exhaustion and other such things. It is, after all, a season of midterms and term papers.

This week includes two midterms and two term papers. I was sitting in my adolescent literature class today thinking about how all of this was possible when I checked the syllabus and found that I have yet another midterm on Tuesday that my professor forgot to mention. So... THREE midterms and TWO papers in the next week is my lot. Fortunately though... this is my LAST season of midterms so at least I feel joy in that.

Because of my desires for sunshine, here is the recipe of our new favorite drink (shared with us by Bri and Kristopher). It is like drinking summer... a frothy, lime-flavoured summer.

Brazilian Lemonade:
-In a Blender put:
3 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
4 tablespoons sweet and condensed milk
2 limes, washed, with the ends cut off and quatered
-Pulse five times (if you do it more, the lemonade will be bitter)
-Strain and serve over ice

Bon Appetite!